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Waldorf Communities Respond to COVID 19

In a letter to community written by David Barham, Faculty Chair at the Maine Coast Waldorf School, he states, “Certainly none of us would choose digitized instruction over the beauty of face to face interaction in the lovely Waldorf classrooms we are so lucky to have. However, it is those very potent human relationships, cultivated over time between young human beings and committed teachers, that give shape and meaning to our version of distance learning.”
With David’s words in mind, AWSNA shares a glimpse into Waldorf Distance Learning and Community Life during COVID-19.


Waldorf Community Strong

Media Taking Notice of Waldorf Education

While there is much news coverage of our Waldorf schools using outdoor classrooms, media outlets are also taking note of Waldorf education’s focus on multidisciplinary coursework, wellness, and nature.

Interested in Becoming a Waldorf Teacher?

What does it take to become a Waldorf teacher? Rudolf Steiner gave four answers to this question as he prepared the original circle of 12 teachers – six women and six men – to inaugurate the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart following the end of World War I.  

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