Waldorf Communities Respond to COVID 19

In a letter to community written by David Barham, Faculty Chair at the Maine Coast Waldorf School, he states, “Certainly none of us would choose digitized instruction over the beauty of face to face interaction in the lovely Waldorf classrooms we are so lucky to have. However, it is those very potent human relationships, cultivated over time between young human beings and committed teachers, that give shape and meaning to our version of distance learning.”
With David’s words in mind, AWSNA shares a glimpse into Waldorf Distance Learning and Community Life during COVID-19.

Waldorf Distance Learning

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Waldorf Community Strong

Working Toward Anti-Racist Education

Educators have a unique opportunity to interrupt the cycles of oppression, break down structural prejudice and shape progress in powerful ways. This can be done through increasing student awareness and modeling change within the classroom, the curriculum, the greater school community and education as an institution. We, like most educators, know that we must do better. But how? Where do we begin? 

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