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Nelson Waldorf School outlines seven benefits to the Waldorf approach to reading in its blog post, "7 Benefits of Waldorf's 'Writing to Read.'" The article delves into the idea that students should learn reading as humans have throughout time -- beginning with spoken word story and oral tradition and only then moving toward decoding written word. 

"The Waldorf approach, in its own way, sets the foundation for reading starting in Kindergarten. However, reading is not rushed before writing and soon Waldorf students are typically reading at or above government standardized levels and with improved comprehension. Most importantly, children who read when they are ready are able to maintain a passion for stories and love of reading further into their older years."

The article highlights the importance of understanding spoken word; using repetition for learning; art based letter introduction; gradual unfolding of word decoding; classic book selection; and a no-push approach to phonics. 

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