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The Denver Waldorf School has created a new blog series -- Wisdom of Waldorf -- exploring Waldorf curriculum themes such as “The Value of Music,” “The Benefits of Handwriting” and more

They also explore common Waldorf ideas used by educators such as “The Importance of Breathing Out” or “Holding the Question.” 

In regards to the concept of "holding the question," the author says: “We know that the temptation to answer the question is strong. We want to know: who is this precious child of ours? What makes him tick? Who will she grow into? All of our hopes and dreams are mashed up into this one question: who are you?

But, perhaps, we can give our children a great gift: holding the question. Perhaps we can let them show us who they are. Perhaps we can give them the space needed to emerge as their own unique individuals. We can enjoy and celebrate them for who they are today, and love them unconditionally as we journey alongside them.”

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