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The creation of a Main Lesson book is an active, hands-on experience of learning that encourages both intention and creativity.  Waldorf students record content of each subject of study, presented during a student’s main lesson class, in a Main Lesson book.

These creative, curriculum-rich books become the culmination of all students have learned, in depth, for the year about a topic. These topics, such as History, Science and Mathematics to name a few, are taught in blocks averaging 4 to 6 weeks, and the books serve as both learning tools and documentation of the work learned. Children are given freedom within the creation of their books about both what they write and how they illustrate. This makes both the book and the content of the lesson their own. 

Many research studies say this method absolutely boosts learning. The research is not about Waldorf Main Lesson books specifically, but it is about the effectiveness of drawing and hand note taking in relation to retention, recall and depth of learning.

Photo Credit: Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm


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