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Established in 1976,  Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners  (Friends of Waldorf Education) has been able to support more than 830 Waldorf initiatives worldwide. Each year on a specifically designated day, thousands of young people at Waldorf schools around the globe work to raise money for Waldorf education initiatives needing funding during “WOW-Day."

This year, WOW-day has become WOW-year as schools are invited to participate all year long in honor of the Waldorf100 anniversary celebration. 

Whether student, teacher or parent, together you can make plans for WOW-year by organizing a fundraiser, whether big or small, to support one of the many WOW-year initiatives such as free school meals for Waldorf students in need, day care for kindergartners who cannot return to a secure home after school, or encouraging leaders to break ground and begin Waldorf schools in areas with need. 

Learn more about WOW-year here and get involved today!

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