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While thousands gather to celebrate Waldorf100 in Berlin on September 19, 2019, AWSNA member schools here in North America are taking action for their own celebrations as well.

Some schools will be coming together in coordinated community celebrations. Portland, Oregon-area Waldorf schools and Boulder, Colorado-area Waldorf schools to name a few, will be hosting weeklong celebratory events at each respective school’s campus.

Other schools are choosing to livestream the celebrations in Berlin with their entire extended community, inviting alumni, grandparents and former teachers in reunion.

For some newer Waldorf schools, such as the Ak’Luum Waldorf School and Ximbal Waldorf School in the regions near Playa del Carmen, Mexico, this centennial is bringing extra energy to the blossoming communities there and serves as a reminder that Waldorf education is an interconnected, worldwide movement. Launching off of this global vision, the Rudolf Steiner School in New York City, the very first established Waldorf school in North America, will be hosting a festive and celebratory evening at the Society for Ethical Culture with a number of NY Council schools joining in on this celebration, followed by a street fair and a 5k Waldorf100 Unity run the following Saturday hosted by Otto Specht School in Chestnut Ridge, NY.

For most schools, this Fall time of the year is a busy one, and a grand celebration on the day of September 19th was not a feasible option. November will bring Pasadena Waldorf School’s renowned annual Elves Faire with the Waldorf100 theme; and December 15th presents a perfect time for Bay Area Waldorf schools to jointly highlight their music programs at Sacramento’s Capitol Rotunda in a shared Waldorf100 holiday concert.  

Other schools have elected to hold their celebrations earlier this year, such as Highland Hall’s successful Waldorf100 Spring Gala, Pittsburgh Waldorf School’s Waldorf100 Biscuit Brunch, Garden City’s May Waldorf100 Celebration, and Bay Area schools’ day-long festival celebration in Golden Gate State Park which was attended by hundreds.

September 19, 2019, will also mark the launch of an exciting new endeavor—the North American Waldorf Alum Networking Platform, an online space for all Waldorf alums to connect, post and find jobs, internships, mentorships and more. Waldorf communities are famous for being strong, supportive and vibrant, and this platform will give Waldorf alums a similar sense of community but on a continental scale. 

Although the majority of Waldorf schools and school administrators and faculty cannot make the journey themselves to celebrate in Berlin, each school will be represented in film with the Waldorf100 Waves campaign. Schools across North America have submitted short clips of their entire community, ranging from simple waves to the video camera to more elaborate recordings by drone from on high of the entire student body running into a ‘100’ formation (Tucson Waldorf School), or moving in and out of a spiral (Maine Coast Waldorf School).

Regardless of location, the celebration and recognition of 100 years of Waldorf education will be felt worldwide on September 19, 2019, with echoes beyond this date, far and wide.

Photo Credit: Otto Specht School

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