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No doubt you are aware of the powerful voices of countless youth across the globe who are challenging the public take climate change seriously. On September 20th, students from a number of Waldorf schools in North America took a stand.  We celebrate their community activism.

The Rudolf Steiner School New York City co-hosted a street fair with other schools in New York and students integrated climate change advocacy into the Waldorf100 events and festivities. Green Meadow Waldorf School students also participated at a downtown NYC Climate event and their participation was noted in The New Yorker.

Many Waldorf students were interviewed by news outlets in their local municipalities as well for their participation. At The Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Colorado, High School senior, Marlow Baines, is the Colorado Youth Director of Earth Guardians, which co-facilitated Denver’s Climate event with Greta Thunberg that drew thousands of people. Baines was asked to directly address the crowd in Denver.

In New Orleans, the Uptown Messenger interviewed seventh grader, Ida Schenck, who runs the Waldorf School of New Orleans Green Taggers environmental club.

She said of her participation in the event: “I’m hoping to show people that kids and adults can rise together, especially kids. Kids are very underestimated. I’m here because this is my future.I love the Earth and I love this area, and I want it to survive.”

Waldorf School of Philadelphia eighth grader, Phoenix Wix, was interviewed by local radio station KYWNewsRadio about why he had come out to advocate for climate change. 

Wix said, “I'm here because this is our only planet.  But I have to say, the greenhouse gases scares me the most, because people are saying that it might be irreversible in, like, a decade or two."

White Mountain Waldorf School eighth grader, Sawyer Cook, was also interviewed by the Conway Daily Sun, about what he hoped to see happen through lawmakers. He said he hoped those in power would, “kill the fossil fuel industry and “install solar panels.”

Meanwhile, Waldorf students across North America were standing up for climate change and advocating for action in their own towns and cities including Waldorf School of Baltimore, Waldorf School of Lexington, Kimberton Waldorf School, Madrona School Waldorf Education, Nelson Waldorf School, Santa Fe Waldorf School, Waldorf School of Pittsburgh, Portland Waldorf School, Chicago Waldorf School, Tucson Waldorf School, Seattle Waldorf School, Toronto Waldorf school, and Waldorf School of Moraine Farm.

Did your school have students who participated in the climate activism this year? Let us know! Email

Photo Credit: Portland Waldorf School

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