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Over 20,000 people came out to celebrate Earth Day in St. Louis, MO., on April 24, 2022, and Waldorf School of St. Louis was prominantly featured as a popular vendor -- helping children make jump ropes out of all natural yarn. Families, faculty, staff, and students all came out to the festival to help with celebration.

The Waldorf School of St. Louis, like all Waldorf schools, prioritizes children spending time in nature and becoming stewards of the earth.

The school says, "Studies continue to show that the more time children spend in nature, the healthier, happier, and more creative they are. Waldorf education respects the restorative benefits of the natural world and provides all students with multiple opportunities to spend time in nature each day. Students have continual opportunities to immerse themselves in nature."

Watch 5 on your Side coverage of Earth Day Fest featuring the Waldorf School of St. Louis:   





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