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Housatonic Valley Waldorf School’s celebration of May Day made their local news in The Newtown Bee with a special focus on parents' return to in-person participation on campus. Many Waldorf schools in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate the festival of May Day, which derives from an ancient tradition of celebrating the arrival of summer.

See photos from many Waldorf school’s May Day festivals here on the AWSNA Facebook Page.

Waldorf schools cultivate festival life and specifically festivals that mark patterns and transitions seen in nature including those marking solstices, harvest, light in darkness and seasonal transitions (outside of solstice). In this way, student life is infused with marking yearly rhythms seen in nature, cultural traditions and school life itself. 

The purpose of cultivating festival life is to bring the community together and enrich the inner life of the children. Celebrating the passage of time with ritual life and tradition, strengthens our connection to nature, community and the larger world.

Read the article at The Newtown Bee. 
Photo Credit: Housatonic Valley Waldorf School


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