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The Waldorf School of Louisville is painting sunflowers on postcards to send to a sister Waldorf school in Kyiv. Postcards are $5 each and the money raised will support Waldorf families opening their homes, teachers who have lost income because of closings and Waldorf emergency teams aiding Ukrainian children.

This fundraiser was in the news at Spectrum News 1 in Northern Kentucky. The sunflower is Ukraine’s national flower and is part of the school’s logo.  

School business manager Angeline Green says the project is an example of how students are taught to make a difference both in the classroom and globally. 

“They all have an innate sense of generosity and compassion and kindness, especially if it’s something we cultivate from an early age. I think that they can learn how to change the world,” Green said. 

The students are making pieces of art from the heart. 

“Every little bit helps. If somebody gets it in the mail, they’ll probably feel happy and feel thought of again. I think that’s always important,” Garber said. 

The school will send postcards and a check to the Waldorf School in Kyiv after the campaign ends at the end of this month. 

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Photo Credit: Waldorf School of Louisville

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