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Join the Association of Waldorf Schools of North American, the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America and the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education as we realize our potential for the next 100 years, meeting the challenges of our times by continuing to grow and evolve from the seeds planted by Rudolf Steiner.

Register here by June 17 to participate in webinars, discussion groups and social time with peers and mentors in Waldorf education. This virtual conference is truly accessible to all. Anyone can attend at $50 to $200 per person. And all recorded content can be accessed (by those who are registered) for a one year period, including the four keynote sessions with live Q&A and 15 webinars on topics for early childhood, high school, parents, school leaders, and everyone in between. 

This year we are also pleased to offer content specifically geared toward parents and board members in Waldorf schools. 

We hope you’ll take a moment to look through the extensive webinar offerings, discussion group opportunities, and social spaces available for connection and collaboration.  Also visit our conference schedule page to put form to how our virtual conference will host and educate our attendees throughout the week. 

We look forward to learning with you!

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