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The Guardian has done an in depth interview with actress Tilda Swinton about her latest work, career, and life in their article, ‘I am all for strangeness’: Tilda Swinton on artistic integrity, acting and the afterlife. As part of the interview, writer Kate Kellaway asked colleagues and friends of Swintons to submit questions for the interview. One question submitted by actor, Joanna Scanlan, asks Swinton: “What are the benefits of a Steiner school education?”

The question is pertinent because Swinton co-founded a Waldorf High School in Scotland called Drumduan School after her twins graduated from the Moray Steiner School at age 14. She partnered with fellow parent Ian Sutherland McCook to create the new school in 2013. 

She answered Scanlan’s question about Waldorf education’s benefits saying: “Self-determination. Flexibility. The knowledge that life without screens is possible. An ability to climb trees/make things with your hands/grow food/sing and dance with abandon. My children were privileged to experience a Steiner education. I look at them now, at 26, and see two undaunted and spirited individuals, imaginative, generous, merry-hearted, fair-minded, open-eyed, self-determined, democratic, adaptable, collaborative, grounded, grateful, kind and generally up for bringing what they can to brighten the horizon.”

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