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Spring Garden Waldorf School was featured in January's issue of Akron Life Magazine. While all Waldorf curriculum is relevant and hands-on, author Kelly Petryszyn writes about how Waldorf third grade lessons in math, science and history are particularly focused on practical life.

As Waldorf educators, we speak of third grade as a point of great development shift in children and often refer to it as the "nine year change." It is an essential shift in a child’s cognition and consciousness and the end of an innocent time of early childhood. This awakening to the world around them can come with feelings of fear, isolation, and if not addressed disillusionment. It also comes with a new set of skills and abilities that can be leveraged to build competence, confidence, and a sense of purpose.

The Waldorf curriculum comes to support this inevitable consciousness change with rigor in the world of practical skills such as gardening, making clothing, house building and cooking. This shows the students, through experience and building of competence, that they play an important part in the adult world they now see and will be independent and essential to it moving forward.

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Photo Credit: Spring Garden Waldorf School

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