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The New York Times explores the essentials of Waldorf education in this recent article about Waldorf history, pedagogy and purpose. 

Beverly Amico, the Waldorf Executive Director of Advancement in North America, says Waldorf education, at its heart, is about “developing reverence for the goodness, in the other and in the world around us … which brings with it purpose and meaning to life.” 

The article specifically explores, in depth, Waldorf’s approach to early childhood, technology, movement in learning and whole child development. In addition to speaking with AWSNA Executive Director of Advancement ,Beverly Amico, The Times also spoke with current parents of Waldorf students.

One parent, Michael Shaun Conaway of Boulder, Colo., discussed why he loved Waldorf education for his children: “It’s not that the student needs to be filled up, but held in such a way that they can gravitate towards themselves. What a gift.”

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Photo Credit: Pasadena Waldorf School

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