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Study results continue to show that taking notes by hand, versus typing, aids in learning and retaining information. In the Eduptopia article -- On the Advantage of Paper Notebooks -- high school history teacher and librarian, Benjamin Barbour, shares the additional advantages he sees when his students use paper and pencil for note taking.

Barbour claims his students are more organized, focused, engaged and creative when he asks them to switch from typing to paper notebooks. However, the top reasons Barbour likes to require notebook paper note taking is so that he can look at his students notes to gauge their learning and comprehension.

“When I review my students’ notebooks, I can quickly see if they’re following directions and keeping up with the material satisfactorily or if they’re taking disorganized or incomprehensible notes. In the latter case, I can instruct them on how to take better notes.” 

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Photo credit:  High Mowing School

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