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Spikenard Honeybee Sanctuary is offering the Bees & Flowers in Schools Webinar Series in June and July 2020 for Waldorf educators. This workshop series is inclusive for anyone interested in Waldorf education and bringing bees, pollinator gardens, and accompanying curriculum to their school.  Webinar sessions can be taken individually for $40, or as a package for $100 (only $25 each!).

The 4-part webinar series includes:

The Pollinators as an Essential Organ of the Ecosystem
Saturday, June 27, from 10am-2pm Eastern Time
This webinar will bring insights paired with practical experience. Tools and methods for supporting pollinators and insect life on the farm, garden, and landscape will be paired with an understanding of the essential role of pollinators as part of the biodynamic farm organism and ecosystem.

The Magical World of the Honeybees and Beekeeping
Friday, July 10, from 10am-2pm Eastern Time
Drawing from the deep well of Spikenard beekeeping practices, spiritual science, and natural science, this half-day workshop will bring inspirations and enthusiasm towards the partnership between human beings and the honeybees. Beekeeping guidance, honeybee anatomy and physiology, and the relationship of the honeybee to the flowers will be explored in this webinar.

Bringing Bees into the Curriculum and Safety Considerations 
Friday, July 24, from 10am-2pm Eastern Time
Age appropriate pedagogical considerations will be considered in this exploration of the nuts and bolt of integrating bees, beekeeping, gardening, and native pollinators into the curriculum and into the school culture. 

Bees and Flowers in Schools - Troubleshooting and Discussion
Friday, July 31, from 10am-1pm Eastern Time
For those who registered for the whole package…
Designed as a fruitful discussion session to go into the more intimate and situational details pertaining to specific schools and communities.  

Learn More at Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary
Photo Credit: Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary

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