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AWSNA is proud to announce the final award recipient list for the scholarship to attend a summer beekeeping workshop with the renowned teacher Gunther Hauk of Spikenard Farm and Honeybee Sanctuary.

The award recipients include:

  • Bridget Kelly, Gardening Teacher at Highland Hall Waldorf School
  • Kurt Curtin, woodworking and movement teacher at the Minnesota Waldorf School
  • Rachel White, Kindergarten Teacher at the Detroit Waldorf School
  • Kristin McGee, Farmer and Teacher at the Emerson Waldorf School
  • Heather Tiszai, Gardening Teacher at the Whatcom Hills Waldorf School
  • Eliza Hughes, Gardening Teacher at the Linden Waldorf School
  • Ben Reynolds, Class Teacher at the Denver Waldorf School
  • Lynn Wetterhorn, Early Childhood teacher at the Maine Coast Waldorf School
  • Valerie Leone, Gardening Teacher at the Waldorf School of Princeton
  • Christa Therrien, Class Teacher at the Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs
  • Charlotte Rasmussen, Garden Educator at the Seattle Waldorf School
  • Miyuki Maruping, Gardening Teacher at the Atlanta Waldorf School
  • Walker Rollins, Garden Teacher and Bee Keeper at the Pasadena Waldorf School
  • Arwen Cruse, Handwork Teacher at the Calgary Waldorf School
  • Areli Perez, Garden Teacher at the Waldorf School of San Diego

Scholarship recipients will attend a four-day workshop dedicated to the honeybees, in light of the 100-year anniversary celebration of Waldorf education in the world. This workshop will include pedagogical tools for teaching about the bees and a workbook for bringing bees into the schools. Practical work with the bees will be part of the workshop as well as guidance for pollinator planting and transforming the gardens and landscape.

Congratulations, scholarship recipients!

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