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Artist John W. Jacobs, a long time parent at the Seattle Waldorf School, created a mural for the school in honor of Waldorf education’s 100 year anniversary. The breathtaking mural was unveiled at the school’s Waldorf100 celebration on September 19, 2019.

John studied sculpture and painting at the Art Institute of Chicago. The mural, entitled Waltz of Time, is a tryptic that depicts warmth, motion, and an otherworldliness saturated with acrylic paint colors that shine even on the grayest of days. 

Featuring three celestial entities -- Earth, moon, and sun -- it invites the mind to embark on a fantastical journey representing the passage of time. The lemniscate threads capture both a feeling of movement and an everlasting presence.

John, and the school's, ultimate hope was to create a painting that students of all ages could enjoy for many years to come. 

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Photo Credit: Seattle Waldorf School 


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