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The World Health Organization has finally weighed on screen time limits and recommends no screens for babies under one year; almost none for those 12 to 24 months; and one hour a day or less for those aged two to four.

A week before these recommendations were released, yet another study came out linking excessive screen time to symptoms of ADHD. The University of Alberta study found, “Compared with children who had less than 30 minutes per day of screen time, children who were exposed to more than two hours of screen time per day were five times more likely to exhibit clinically significant “externalizing” behavioral problems such as inattention, acting out, hyperactivity and being oppositional; and over seven times more likely to meet the criteria for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.”

Researchers continue to find a correlation between screen time and developmental or behavioral issues. Many believe the correlation exists because screen time steals real time and keeps children from doing the activities needed for ideal development.

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