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The Bonner County Daily Bee covered the joy and magic given to families during the Sandpoint Waldorf School Winter Faire, which took place in Sandpoint, ID on December 9, 2023.

The article included quotes from Saindpoint Waldorf School students about their favorite holiday memories, traditions and stories. Here are a few highlights of what the student's shared.

Finn, Grade 1: "I saw an icicle shaped like a moon!"

Afton, Grade 1: "My heart is warm when all my family comes over. 

Kinsley, Grade 3: "My favorite Christmas memory was when I gave a doll to my sister and she loved it and it made me very happy."

Annabelle, Grade 4: "My favorite Christmas was when I was so excited that I fell down the stairs! But, I was okay. I got Legos and it was awesome!"

Read More at The Bonner County Daily Bee 
Photo Credit: Sandpoint Waldorf School


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