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Prairie Hill Waldorf School has been featured in many different publications, such as Good Morning America, for the creation of their outdoor classrooms and, in particular, the classroom built by fourth grade teacher Lindsey Earle. 

This time the school was one of four districts or schools featured in The New York Times article, Classrooms without Walls, and Hopefully Covid. In the article, writer, Amelia Nierenberg, features Earle's 12 sided classroom and wood burning clay stove in detail. 

Earle tells Nierenberg, "'It feels like we’re camping all day long. With camping comes a lot of packing, a lot of schlepping, a lot of back and forth. It’s trials and tribulations, but in the end, you’re just glad that you did it.'”

Read the article at The New York Times
Photo Credit: Prairie Hill Waldorf School


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