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While many of our schools have made local and national news for their outdoor classrooms, Anchorage Waldorf School’s recent news coverage in The Anchorage Daily News brings forth a new and unique angle to this story -- climate!  

The story of switching to an all outdoor classroom, in Alaska, during the pandemic, is indeed newsworthy. Third and Fourth grade teacher, Donna Levesque, continued using her outdoor classroom all winter, saying, ““This class enjoys being outside. They’ve always been outdoor sort of children.” 

Levesque says she keeps the students active, provides hot tea and moves them inside for small motor work. They have also learned to dress accordingly.  Parent, Annette Marley, says her daughter has grown resilient in the class and the experience has been positive. 

Marley says, “I think it’s going to be an incredible reference point for her, later on in life, to be able to say I went to school outside all year, during COVID, in Alaska.”  

Read the story at The Anchorage Daily News
Photo Credit: Anchorage Waldorf School