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Olympia Waldorf School in East Olympia, Washington, was highlighted in the February issue of Thurston Talk: Innovative Learning at Olympia Waldorf School for Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grades. The article explores the tenets of Waldorf education and looks at the experience and daily life of students at the school. 

Two teachers are interviewed including Sweekriti Apple who has been teaching at the school for 21 years. She says, "Waldorf is all about innovation and allowing students to be innovators. You present certain topics at a certain age, when the child is ready. We encourage students to be who they really are.” 

The article looks at the school's unique approach to math and other STEM subjects, the Cyber Civics curriculum and the committment to movement and time outdoors. 

Read the article at Thurston Talk
Photo Credit: Olympia Waldorf School

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