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It is with great joy that we share with you that on October 26, 2020 the legal incorporation of the AMEWS -- Mexican Association of Waldorf / Steiner Schools took place.

This is the birth of a new little plant - a future tree - whose seed was conceived, sown, and cared for with will and love throughout about half a century.

Many Mexican teachers of great value have tilled the soil, helped to deposit the seed, to water, and to weed... They were driven by the immense work of  Juan Berlin and by the persevering and invaluable efforts to form and deepen this work by individualities like Georg Glöckler, Beatriz and Felix Zimmermann, Dietrich Seeger and others, who have given strength to the Waldorf movement and to the cultivation of Anthroposophy in Mexico. They all deserve the deepest gratitude from the Waldorf community in our country.

Since the eighties, meetings and actions have been held successively with the idea of creating an association which would unite the schools, support them and represent them, while at the same time looking after Waldorf education in Mexico. Gradually, as the Waldorf movement grew, the idea took shape.

Thus, from March to November 2019, two national meetings were held and many preparatory works were carried out towards a first assembly. In this first Founding Assembly a Collegiate Body was formed, which worked up until November 2020 on numerous activities: internal organization, plans and projects, outreach, finances, etc. The most relevant of these, without a doubt, is the legal incorporation of the association, which already marks the birth of this new plant.

We sincerely hope that the AMEWS -- this future tree -- can welcome and shelter the Waldorf schools and initiatives in Mexico now and in coming years, for the benefit of many children in our country.

Photo Credit: Baaxal Waldorf School

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