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First graders at the Pasadena Waldorf School are learning numbers through the Seneca Nation folklore story of Crow --  a young man who, while grieving the death of his parents, runs away from his people to find himself transported to the land of Grandfather Mountain. 

Waldorf first grade curriculum teaches numbers and mathematical functions through story, which brings meaning to math by enlivening the imagination and inspiring a love of learning mathematics in a developmentally appropriate way for a seven-year-old. In addition to connecting math to story, Waldorf educators also seek to connect students to math through art and cultural learning. As the chalkboard art shows, this lesson from the Pasadena Waldorf School is a perfect example of all these concepts coming together. 

The school says: “There, he marries Grandfather Mountain's granddaughter and Grandfather Mountain tells him stories from many Native American Nations. Crow makes an object to remind him of each story and stores all the objects in his pouch. The newlyweds go back to Crow´s land and he becomes the storyteller for his people. Each day Crow digs into his pouch and pulls out a story object. Through these stories, children delve into the quality of each number.” 

Photo and Story Credit: Pasadena Waldorf School  

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