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September 19 was a day of grand celebration at the Lakota Waldorf School (LWS). With approximately 250 people attending from across the reservation, LWS hosted the first Pow Wow of Teča Wačipi Okolakiciye, celebrated the 26th Anniversary of the Lakota Waldorf School and commemorated the 100th Anniversary of Waldorf Education. 

With the pow wow took place outside on school grounds and honored the Lakota culture and founders with a grand opening processional followed by dancing, drumming, a school royalty pageant, and more. The celebration also brought the blending of the Lakota and Waldorf educational cultures in a presentation on the importance of providing bees and other pollinators with a livable habitat on our gardens.    

Last but not least, the Lakota community showed their reverence for the earth by making the evening meal a “plastic-free” event – where all attendees either brought their own bowls and cups or used a hundred percent biodegradable bowls and cups.

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Photo Credit: Lakota Waldorf School

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