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Isadora Crane attended Waldorf school from age 3 to age 18 and has written an essay for theMonadnock Ledger Script about her experiences at Pine Hill and High Mowing School, joint Waldorf institutions in Wilton, NH.

Isadora spoke of the importance of relationships, traditions, and individual encouragement in shaping who she is today and helping her thrive at Pitzer College in California. She says her experiences with Waldorf began with “promotion of creativity, artistic freedom and connection with the natural world” and went on to become “a microcosm cultivating qualities such as passion, cultural exchange and trust between students and faculty, as well as the wider community.”

As a final thought, Isadora says, “Waldorf has instilled the confidence in me to speak my mind and feel proud of my academic abilities while reminding me of the power gained from listening and learning from those around me.” 

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Photo Credit: High Mowing Waldorf School

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