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When the Run! Skip! Dance! initiative was launched in April of 2020, the shared goal was to virtually move together across North America visiting every Waldorf School along the way between April and September 11, 2020 -- the 100+1 year anniversary of Waldorf education. In just under two months, not only was this original completed, but Waldorf communities had collectively moved so many miles together that the route needed to be extended across the world to New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, to at last end in Stuttgart at the first Waldorf School. 

From April to September 11, 2020, Waldorf communities in North America moved over 44,620 miles, virtually, around the globe. In the end, fifty-seven Waldorf schools and teacher training institutes participated with Whatcom Hills Waldorf School taking the lead with a total of 7,945 miles, followed closely by the Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor with 7,009 miles and Linden Waldorf School with 5,379. 

We congratulate and celebrate everyone who participated in this fun community-building experience!

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Photo Credit: Portland Waldorf School, who participated in Run! Skip! Dance! during their June Walk-a-Thon to benefit The Black Resilience Fund and the PWS Resilience Fund.

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