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The Waldorf100 postcard project has made the news in Detroit! The local paper has extensively covered the Detroit Waldorf School's worldwide postcard exchange project celebrating a century of Waldorf education. The school has mailed over 700 postcards and has received 300 in return. The school is displaying the cards, from more than 35 countries, on displays divided by continent.   

Waldorf schools around the world are participating in a global postcard exchange initiative to both broaden the perspective of students and celebrate the 100th anniversary of Waldorf® education.

Students from every Waldorf school have created and sent a postcard to every other Waldorf school in the world. Each postcard was individually designed by a young person, telling or showing something of his or her country, school, or self. This innovative global project has connected 1,100 students and schools to one another.

This initiative is part of the ongoing Waldorf education centennial celebration, which also includes the The Greenbee Wildlife Web, Hand in Hand Community Engagement Projects, and The International Student Conference in Switzerland.

Read more about Waldorf100 initiatives at the Waldorf100 section of the AWSNA website.
Read more about Detroit Waldorf School's project at The Detroit News.
Photo Credit: Detroit Waldorf School

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