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Lake Champlain Waldorf School is in the news for their innovative Cyber Civics curriculum -- a three year program starting in Grade 6 that helps students learn to be responsible, ethical and safe in digital spaces.

The theme of the research-based, award winning curriculum, created by, is digital citizenship, and it is specifically designed to meet the needs of middle school students on their journey towards a healthy relationship with technology.  

Sixth graders learn, without the aid of digital devices, “digital citizenship” -- the norms of appropriate, responsible and compassionate behavior with regard to technology use.

Seventh and eighth graders do begin their work with computers focusing learning on:

  • Information literacy, such as search mechanics, validity of study resources, and evaluating search results; 
  • Digital dieting to better maintain healthy in person interactions and relationships; 
  • Personal information collection and privacy standards online and the impact these realities have on their future selves; 
  • Understanding technology as a tool for creating versus consuming.

Read More about Lake Champlain Waldorf School's Cyber Civics program at
Read More about Cyber Civics Curriculum at 
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