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Ben Linstrom, the current 5th grade teacher at Detroit Waldorf School, writes about the Waldorf class play and discusses this rich learning tradition that is a beautiful part of a Waldorf education.

He writes, "The plays not only reflect, but truly intensify, what each year seeks to impart to students. Deep learning that they will understand and remember long after they move on to a new grade."

Linstrom sheds light on the process a teacher and class undertakes as they choose and prepare for the pedagogical drama performance, which includes read throughs, re-writes, character assignment and so much more. 

"There are so many positive benefits of doing this kind of work," writes Linstrom. "One that is crucial is how much it is dependent on teamwork, everyone relying on one another. A play is a true team effort, and it succeeds or fails on the whole of the class working in alignment - whether helping somebody get into their character or working on lines with other students or building the set together, learning the music together. All of these essential tasks allow the class to become more cohesive. That is one reason why every class performs its annual play."

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Photo Credit: Detroit Waldorf School

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