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U.S. News and World Report recently published an article reminding parents and educators, yet again, about the crucial need for more recess in schools. Waldorf education, which develops a curriculum and teaching methodology based on child development, understands and honors this need.

Children spend nearly one-half of their waking hours in school. It is not healthy for them to spend all of that time indoors, unmoving and without breaks. The American Academy of Pediatrics’ reaffirmed their recommendations -- The Crucial Role of Recess in School -- which states:

“Time previously dedicated to daily activity in school, such as physical education and recess, is being reallocated to make way for additional academic instruction. Ironically, minimizing or eliminating recess may be counterproductive to academic achievement, as a growing body of evidence suggests that recess promotes not only physical health and social development but also cognitive performance.”

The study, The Crucial Role of Recess in Schools, shows that recess helps children perform better academically, be more attentive, and have fewer behavioral problems. However, the Education Advisory Board reports that since 2001, average weekly recess time has declined by 60 minutes.

Restoring this crucial and logical balance to our schools is more important than ever.

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Photo Credit: Denver Waldorf School

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