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As Waldorf schools enter Black History Month, they strive to authentically incorporate lessons and cultivate a greater understanding of the challenges faced and gifts given by African Americans throughout history. 

We look to last year's celebrations as inspiration for what will undoubtedly unfold throughout this coming month. For example, The Waldorf School of Garden City’s Black Student Union and the Waldorf Activism and Outreach Club hosted a contest in 2022 to feature student poetry, writing, and art about Black History Month. Last year at Cedarwood Waldorf School music teacher Diana Bright honored Black History Month in the school’s sixth- through eighth-grade music curriculum. 

The Waldorf School of Lexington spent February of last year hosting DEI library reading time for all students and the fifth graders created a collaborative mural project. As a final example, Waldorf Academy in Toronto, Canada outlined, by grade, how it integrated #BlackHistoryMonth365 into each one of its grades throughout the 2021-22 school year.

Photo Credit: The Waldorf School of Garden City

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