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James Kennedy, Snowdrop Nursery lead teacher at Waldorf School at  Moraine Farm has advice for parents of Early Childhood students who may have questions about coronavirus.

He says, "So many little things have changed that we adults are uncertain of answers even for ourselves. And if we are uncertain, the children are unsettled and insecure in everything that they do.

Simple statements are helpful and an important reminder that children need us more than they need our explanations. But that may not be enough. We also need strong underlying answers for ourselves, as adults, because it is from our own certainty that the children garner the sense of security and hope that they need to grow.

I’m a nursery teacher; I’m not talking about scientific answers.  I’m talking about a positive, all-encompassing truthful picture of ourselves, our situation and the people around us that we can hold onto and share with our children as need arises."

Read the article at The Chalkboard, Waldorf School of Moraine Farm's blog. 
Photo Credit: Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm

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