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Many of our member schools are in the news this summer for their innovative approach to education. Stories told include news of outdoor classroom use, pride month participation, and Waldorf education’s unique pedagogy. 

Pandemic innovation and continued use of outdoor classrooms is still a topic this summer with both the Detroit Waldorf School and Linden Waldorf School making the news. Model Media covered Detroit Waldorf School’s new permanent outdoor classrooms (pictured) and Nashville Scene discussed the unique learning opportunities provided by Linden using their permanent outdoor structures during the pandemic and beyond.  

Pride month participation was the topic of this Nelson Waldorf School news in the Nelson Star. Students and volunteers transformed their school breezeway into a rainbow sidewalk to celebrate Pride.

In more general news of Waldorf pedagogy, Maine's Seacoast Waldorf School was featured in exploring their holistic approach to education. Waldorf education and one of its school founders was also the topic of a Squamish Waldorf School article in the Squamish Chief paper.  CBC Canada covered Waldorf curriculum -- featuring a story of the third grade building project at Vancouver Waldorf School for backyard chicken coop created for hen-keeping.

Photo Credit: Detroit Waldorf School

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