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Rudolf Steiner's Wisdom Informs our Difficult Times

Maine Coast Waldorf School High School Faculty Chair, David Barham, spoke to the school community about how Rudolf Steiner’s 101 year old message is precisely the message we need right now in 2020 as we head back to school.

Final Run! Skip! Dance!

When the Run! Skip! Dance! initiative was launched in April of 2020, the shared goal was to virtually move together across North America. From April to September 11, 2020, Waldorf communities in North America exceeded that goal and moved over 44,620 miles, virtually, around the globe.

Waldorf Community of Color Affinity Group

The Waldorf Community of Color Affinity Group, lead by Christina More, parent at the Green Meadow Waldorf School, has been created for Waldorf community members to share and support each other on racial conversations.