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Waldorf Alum Social Hour

Don’t miss our next bi-monthly Waldorf Alum Social Hour on Zoom. During our last virtual event, over 70 Waldorf alums from across the country joined us to share stories and make connections. Our next social hour takes place, Monday, March 8th at 4:30 PM PT; 5:30 PM MT; 6:30 PM CT; 7:30 PM ET. Learn more and register.

Call for a Summer of Play

Some child development and psychology experts in the UK are calling for a summer of play over suggested schooling catch-up. They are appealing for an emphasis on play, mental health and well being over academics. 

Creative Skills Benefit Arts and STEM

Researchers have found that creativity used in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is very similar to creativity use in the arts, indicating that a holistic approach to teaching creativity in schools and universities would benefit all disciplines.

Students Who Inquire, Learn

When students generate their own questions around a subject, they deepen their knowledge of the topic and their ability to remember it.

Latest Research on Cursive Handwriting

Scientists found that cursive writing and drawing activated brain areas important for memory and the encoding of new information and, therefore, helped “provide the brain with optimal conditions for learning.” This was not seen in the subjects who were typewriting.