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News/Articles of Interest

Waldorf100 Beach Cleanup Project 

Southern California Waldorf Schools and the Honolulu Waldorf School in Hawaii came together for a Beach Cleanup Day on November 2nd in honor of Waldorf100.

Writing to Read in Waldorf Education

Students should learn reading as humans have throughout time -- beginning with spoken word story and oral tradition and only then moving toward decoding written word. 

Baking Bread in Waldorf Early Childhood Classrooms

"Working and eating together at the table is an important social activity. Through the whole process of kneading, baking, waiting, and eating the children are learning to slow the pace of their day and are becoming part of a community."

Waldorf Students Take A Stand

No doubt you are aware of the powerful voices of countless youth across the globe who are challenging the public take climate change seriously. On September 20th, students from a number of Waldorf schools in North America took a stand.  We celebrate their community activism.

The Main Lesson in Waldorf Education

Waldorf education uses the block structure of learning to make sure that students have the time they need to experience true learning and find relevancy and interest in the topic at hand. We call this academic learning block Main Lesson.  

 Lakota Waldorf School Receives First Nations Grant

Through the First Nations grant program, students at the Lakota Waldorf School will learn to speak and understand the Lakota language and learn a strong cultural identity and reverence for the heritage through gardening, food preparation, and other Lakota traditions. 

Latest News on Nature Play

More news outlets are discussing the growing and well-researched trend of outdoor, unstructured play for children and its learning benefits. Three recent articles review studies and consult experts finding that risky play, time in nature and experiential learning have well documented benefits.