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Outdoor Education – Beyond Environmentalism

Whether for play, observation, appreciation, scientific exploration or purposeful activity—time outdoors is absolutely essential to learning and child development.

Photo credit: Waldorf School of Lexington

Research indicates allowing schools to be places of distinct culture, rich curriculum, and varied, but effective pedagogy is a way forward to collective academic success. 

Education’s Role in Curbing Teen Anxiety

Teen anxiety and depression are at an all-time high. There is something amiss in our children’s worlds - and perhaps our adult ones as well. Schools can make changes to help students reduce their anxiety.


Making classrooms failure-friendly helps cultivate mindset & character traits that build a lifetime love of learning; grit to tackle complex problem-solving.

6th Grade Chalkboard

Artistic teaching demonstrates bringing together internal intention with external influence, engaging deeply in process, and producing a worthwhile result.

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