Teacher Education Loans and Grants

Financial assistance for Waldorf teacher preparation programs is available through AWSNA's Teacher Education Loans and Grants Program and other programs offered through AWSNA- or WECAN-member teacher training institutes.

AWSNA is pleased to be able to offer two channels of financial assistance to people training to be Waldorf teachers in our member institutes.

Applications are available and made through the teacher training institute.
  1. Teacher Education Loans Program, in which funds that are borrowed from AWSNA can be forgiven if graduates of education programs teach three-quarter to full-time in AWSNA- or WECAN-member Waldorf schools.
  2. Currently Practicing Teacher (CPT) Grants Program for people already teaching in AWSNA- or WECAN-member schools as they pursue their training, in which the school pledges a certain amount towards the training of their teacher and AWSNA contributes to this pledge.