Waldorf Communities Respond to COVID 19

In a letter to community written by David Barham, Faculty Chair at the Maine Coast Waldorf School, he states, “Certainly none of us would choose digitized instruction over the beauty of face to face interaction in the lovely Waldorf classrooms we are so lucky to have. However, it is those very potent human relationships, cultivated over time between young human beings and committed teachers, that give shape and meaning to our version of distance learning.”
With David’s words in mind, AWSNA shares a glimpse into Waldorf Distance Learning and Community Life during COVID-19.


Waldorf School of Garden City

Meadowbrook Waldorf School

Detroit Waldorf School

Denver Waldorf School

Eugene Waldorf School

Live Oak Waldorf School

Prairie Hill Waldorf School

Green Meadow Waldorf School

Shining Mountain Waldorf School

Waldorf School of Baltimore

The Philadelphia Waldorf School

Upper Valley Waldorf School

Spring Garden Waldorf School

Seacoast Waldorf School

Haleakala Waldorf School

Marin Waldorf School

Waldorf Community Strong

 Human Connection in the Time of COVID

In a time of isolation and divisiveness, how do we stand for togetherness, keep our connections, and cultivate courage over fear and apathy? Waldorf education and its roots in Anthroposophy can offer guidance.

Answering Pandemic Questions from Young Children

It is from our own certainty that children garner the sense of security and hope that they need to grow. Adults need a positive, all-encompassing, truthful picture of ourselves, our situation and the people around us.

Waldorf Community of Color Affinity Group

The Waldorf Community of Color Affinity Group, lead by Christina More, parent at the Green Meadow Waldorf School, has been created for Waldorf community members to share and support each other on racial conversations.

Final Run! Skip! Dance!

When the Run! Skip! Dance! initiative was launched in April of 2020, the shared goal was to virtually move together across North America. From April to September 11, 2020, Waldorf communities in North America exceeded that goal and moved over 44,620 miles, virtually, around the globe.

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