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100 Windows into Waldorf

Counting down to the 100th Anniversary of Waldorf education on Sept. 19th, 2019

Starting  June 11, 2019 — 100 days before September 19, the 100-year anniversary celebration of Waldorf education  — Waldorf schools and communities across North America began the 100 Windows Into Waldorf Instagram campaign. Through posting specifically-called-for photos each day for 100 days, this Instagram campaign gives glimpses into the Waldorf curriculum and classroom, and highlights the unique aspects that make up the Waldorf educational experience. 
Waldorf supporters, parents, alumni, and friends are welcomed and encouraged to participate in this Instagram campaign; let's go viral! Using the hashtags: 
#Waldorf100 and #Waldorf100Windows,
we will celebrate and relish in the fun that this photo treasure hunt offers!  Want to join in the fun? Check out these resources for more information:

100 Windows Into Waldorf Image List