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Are We Programming Apps or People?

NBC Left Field looks inside the Rudolf Steiner School in New York City to explore the benefits of Waldorf education and specifically the benefits of a learning environment that focuses on face-to-face interaction and emphasizes a healthy relationship with technology.

Movement in Childhood

Read the excerpt from the book, "Fundamental Aspects of Sports Lessons," which looks at how the sense and power of movement in children drives child development from before birth to adolescence.

Digital Technology, Relational Awareness, and Flourishing

Pediatrician, parent and Columbia University scientist, Dr. Robert Whitaker, encourages parents to consider the underlying intentions behind media usage and gives specific recommendations on how to manage media for different stages of child development.

Waldorf School of Bend Plants 500 Trees

As part of the celebration of 100 Years of Waldorf Education and in conjunction with the GreenBee Wildlife Web Initiative, sixth-grade students at the Waldorf School of Bend planted 500 trees on about three acres of burned forest from the McKenzie Pass fire in 2017.