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Thank You Turtle Tree Seed

Waldorf schools around North America are cultivating gardens and bee-tending programs to help rebuild the pollinator population. For this, we owe great thanks to Turtle Tree Seed, a Biodynamic and organic seed farm located on the Camphill community in Copake, New York.

Waldorf Students Take On Plastics Pollution

Maple Village Waldorf School Students recently participated in Algalita’s POPS International Youth Summit, a 3-day empowerment experience held at the Ocean Institute.

Growing Up Green is Good

The more of one's childhood spent close to greenery, the lower the risk of mental health problems later in life. Growing up near vegetation is associated with an up to 55 percent lower risk of mental health disorders in adulthood. 

Arts Education Improves School Engagement

Adding time for dance, theater, or visual arts isn’t at odds with traditional measures of academic success. Giving students more access to the arts offers measurable benefits.

A Roadmap for Teaching the Whole Child

“The promotion of social, emotional, and academic learning is not a shifting educational fad; it is the substance of education itself.”

Making Space for Mindfulness in the Classroom

Students need time for quiet, reflection and focus. A new study shows how mindfulness in the classroom can reduce students' sense of stress and lengthen attention spans.

Waldorf Chronicles - What’s Your Story?

In celebration of Waldorf education’s 100 year anniversary, Waldorf schools and institutes across North America have begun to record and share their stories using the StoryCorps Archive, the largest collection of human voices ever gathered. 

The Waldorf School of Mendocino County Goes Solar

Congratulations to The Waldorf School of Mendocino County on their new solar electrical system. A generous donation led to a commitment to implement energy independence at the school.