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News/Articles of Interest

Digital Technology, Relational Awareness, and Flourishing

Pediatrician, parent and Columbia University scientist, Dr. Robert Whitaker, encourages parents to consider the underlying intentions behind media usage and gives specific recommendations on how to manage media for different stages of child development.

Waldorf School of Bend Plants 500 Trees

As part of the celebration of 100 Years of Waldorf Education and in conjunction with the GreenBee Wildlife Web Initiative, sixth-grade students at the Waldorf School of Bend planted 500 trees on about three acres of burned forest from the McKenzie Pass fire in 2017.

Windows Into Waldorf -- A Waldorf100 IG Campaign

Through posting specifically called for photos each day for 100 days, this Instagram campaign will give glimpses into the Waldorf curriculum and classroom, and highlight the unique aspects that make up the Waldorf educational experience.

Encouraging Open-ended Mathematics

The Waldorf online resource, ‘Opening Mathematics,’ wants to encourage Waldorf teachers around the world to entrust students with more mathematical production through the use of open-ended mathematics problems in the classroom and to reflect upon their use.  

Waldorf100 Springtime Celebrations

Many Waldorf schools and communities have already begun their celebrations of Waldorf100, incorporating the 100-year anniversary as a theme into their annual spring galas and festivals.

Fundamental Aspects of Sports Lessons in the Waldorf School

Gerlinde Idler addresses sports education’s relation to the healthy development of children and adolescents. She explores the topic by looking at historical aspects, the harmony of physical education with other subjects, anthropological foundations and technical questions.

NorCal Waldorf100 Celebration

On May 18th, eleven Waldorf schools, led by the San Francisco Waldorf School and Waldorf School of the Peninsula, gathered together in Golden Gate State Park in San Francisco to celebrate Waldorf100.

Science Makes the News: Seacoast Waldorf School

The experiential science seen in Seacoast Waldorf School classrooms has made the news! Local Maine news crews came out to the classroom to learn more about Waldorf education’s “head, heart, hands” approach to learning.