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News/Articles of Interest

Waldorf100 Beach Cleanup Project 

Southern California Waldorf Schools and the Honolulu Waldorf School in Hawai'i came together for a Beach Cleanup Day on November 2 in honor of Waldorf100.

Sacramento High School Seniors Compost for Better Climate 

Two current seniors at the Sacramento Waldorf School, Tyler Cochran-Branson and Riley Day, are working together to raise awareness on campus about climate change and reduce the carbon footprint of both the school and its inhabitants. 

Lakota Waldorf School Pow Wow Anniversary Celebrations

With approximately 250 people attending from across the reservation, LWS hosted the first Pow Wow of Teča Wačipi Okolakiciye, celebrated the 26th Anniversary of the Lakota Waldorf School and commemorated the 100th Anniversary of Waldorf Education. 

Community Engagement Projects in Honor of Waldorf100

Over the past year and a half, Waldorf schools across North America have committed to community engagement projects ranging from food drives, mural paintings, beach clean-ups, coat drives and more.

Writing to Read in Waldorf Education

Students should learn reading as humans have throughout time -- beginning with spoken word story and oral tradition and only then moving toward decoding written word.