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Learning Empathy Starts at Home

Children watch us for cues on how to behave. To foster empathy in children it helps for them to see their parents embody generosity and be big hearted.

AAP Advises Traditional Toys over Tech

The American Academy of Pediatrics just issued a statement advising parents to choose traditional, physical toys over elaborate digital ones

Waldorf Wall Calendar

In honor Waldorf education's 100th anniversary, the Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm is offering a 15-month fine arts calendar for January 2019 to March 2020.  

The Weak Link Between Grades and Success

Grades rarely assess qualities like creativity, leadership and teamwork skills, or social and emotional intelligence. Success is rarely about finding the right solution to a problem — it’s more about finding the right problem to solve.  

Managed Risk in Preschool Kitchens

Waldorf and Finnish preschools allow children to use cutting knives, tools and real glassware because it increases a student’s responsibility and independence.