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Why Routines Matter

Children who have nourishing routines at home show better executive function than those with an unpredictable home life. Routines require impulse control and focus, so the very practice of executing routines strengthens our capacity for learning.

How Folktales Develop Divergent Thinking

Not only do folk and fairy tales reach children’s emotions and imaginations with rich visual and contextual elements, they also help children with divergent thinking and logical reasoning skills.

A House Full of Books Boosts Literacy

A new study finds that growing up in a house full of books is a major boost to literacy and numeracy. Books in the home are an integral part of routines and practices that enhance lifelong learning. 

Why Waldorf Students Knit

A child who is knitting a hat or a toy kitten sees their will transformed into art. They see their focused, detailed work turn into something beautiful and purpose-filled. They experience how the conceptual becomes concrete.