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Waldorf students from two different schools are cooking up some local news recognition for their dedication to the culinary arts. Orchard Valley Waldorf School students are competing at the 16th Annual Jr Iron Chef competition in Vermont. A team of students from the Ithaca Waldorf School have been crowned chili champions in their town’s 26th Annual Chili Cook-Off.

The Orchard Valley Waldorf School Jr. Chef team has called themselves “The Peculiar Potato Peelers” in partial homage to their competition’s recipe -- Gnocchi in a Vegetable Cream Sauce with Pesto Swirl . The young chefs will be using eggs from their school’s chickens and garlic from their school gardens.

Ithaca Waldorf School chefs have also sourced some of their chili ingredients directly from their school, most notably, the maple syrup in their People’s Choice, award winning, Maple Chipotle Venison Chili. Students tapped trees and boiled sap to syrup in their farm class. 

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