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Shining Mountain Waldorf School Community is in the news for their outdoor education and recent seventh grade backpacking trip. The seventh grade students hiked in with their gear, set up camp, installed their own tarps, cooked their own meals and took care of themselves and others.

There were challenges, which, according to Craig Rubens, travel leader and director of outdoor education and movement at Shining Mountain Waldorf School, is the whole point of the program. 

He says, "When facing the natural challenges of the journey, the ones that are physically tangible, ancient and in our blood, such as creating your refuge and learning the knots, cooking your own food, lighting your own fire, drawing water from the fountain instead of the fountain. take advantage of it and purify it: they are better able to face physical and non-physical challenges by having a stronger core."

The Physical and Outdoor Education program at Shining Mountain Waldorf School gives adolescents opportunities to stretch beyond their comfort zones and continue to build bonded relationships with classmates and teachers.

Read the article at the Denver Post and Spark6News.

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