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Cyber Civics celebrated Media Literacy Week with the feature article -- Waldorf Schools are Media Literacy Role Models -- discussing Waldorf education's approach to media access for children. 

"Waldorf schools have been quietly holding this conversation with intentionality and patience: asking families to be thoughtful, mindful, discerning, and slow with media access for children. Not to deprive them, but rather to give children the gift of childhood—the endless opportunities that come with downtime, boredom, and unscheduled freedom. To favor face-to-face interactions over abstract experiences. To work on self-regulation, problem solving, physical movement, and social-emotional regulation." 

The Cyber Civics curriculum, which many Waldorf schools use as a resource, was founded by Diana Graber at a public charter Waldorf school. 

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Photo Credit: Cyber Civics summer camp, study of the selfie, at Spring Garden Waldorf School.


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